Friday, April 27, 2007

Pretty Much, The Final Verdict:

Never should have been...

Sucks for all.

Oh! Oh. No.


I forgot.

Alec interrupted Barbara way too much.


It really upsets me when people interrupt or talk over Barbara Walters.

Alec - Post "The View" Flux Assessment

I wanted to get him on back down to a healthy 10%, but the BIG FAT martyr factor doesn't sit well with me.


*Leaving 30Rock = NEEDLESS

*Passionately campaigning for the rights of alienated parents everywhere = NOT NECESSARILY GOING TO BRING YOU CLOSER TO IRELAND

*Splish Splash = A VERY GOOD IDEA

Thursday, April 26, 2007


She may have ratted you out for not running the full sixteen "suicides" in field hockey practice... but, never forget, it takes a heart of gold to invite Emily Udder to your sleepover.

Truth be told:

Tyra will grow on you like a fine layer of P. camemberti if you give her half the chance.

Monday, April 23, 2007

OK... I totally take it back.

Call me fickle...


I'm already laughing.

Poor Alec.

YouTube! You Fail Me Not!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Night At The Opera


I was simply dying for some Bel Canto.

So, we went to see The Lady Of The Lake.

Everything was going just beautifully, until we started noticing something peculiar about one of the tenors - Malcolm.

Groucho thought Malcolm sounded suspiciously mezzo-soprano.

I thought he sounded suspiciously:

Errol Flynn.

I began pointing.

And then laughing.

Well, soon Groucho was as caught up in the fits as I was and he began heckling:

"Two beers, bartender!"

I one upped him with:

"You sing like a GIRL!"

Then Barbara came down and joined in!

"Was that a high C, or Vitamin D?"


I said, as I punched her in the upper arm.

(I'd had some champagne.)

Oh, it was hilarious!

You HAD to have been there.


Malcolm kept right on singing like a girl...and at a certain point Groucho snapped.

Like ---> SNAPPED.

All of a sudden, he just screamed out:

"You're willing to pay HIM a thousand dollars a night just for singing? Why, you can get a phonograph record of Minnie the Moocher for 75 cents. And for a buck and a quarter, you can get Minnie!!!!"

And with that, he was gone.

I gathered... to go get Minnie.

I talked to him a few days later. He had fallen asleep on the train, but got home eventually without further incident.

We didn't really miss him, once Phyllis came down to our box.


That usher had finally had enough of us at a certain point, and we really had to settle down.

Man alive, I was still cracking up about MALCOLM in the cab on my way home.

I snorted, snickered, sputtered, and spit ----> all the way to Broome St.

"Just WHO exactly was that man who sang like such a beautiful woman? That MALCOLM?"

Oh! How the perplexity rolled around in my head!

If only Kitty Carlisle had been there with us on our big night out at the Opera...she would have surely set us straight.

I hate to say, "I told you so!"...


I TOLD YOU ----> so.

I don't regret the laughs...but I will NEVER again crack a smile over this "froward flap-mouthed blind-worm".

Ireland deserves a special, super fun trip!

And a new Dad.

* Edit to note irony:
The message Alec Baldwin left for his eleven year old daughter is the same one my father left for me and only incidentally for my roommate - Anna Peepers, twenty times over... one night when I was at Chapel Hill and had admitted to missing the Florida State game.


My Dad:

I maintain ----> was funny.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

YeeHaw! The Rivers are UP!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rabbits! Lightening Fast Easter Rabbits, Yo: